LUNA LANA® was created in 2021 by STEPHANIE NG DESIGN® and its pendant lights were finalists at the Good Design Award 2021

, Australia, Good Design Mark 2021, Malaysia, in addition to the Good Design Mark 2021, Malaysia for the best packaging concept.

LUNA LANA® literally means “moon” and “wool” in Spanish, and was inspired by imagining a beanie snugly fitted over a full moon. Knitting during the cold winter months inspired this soft, beautiful lighting design concept of woven warm, globe covers that wrap and intertwine in intricate patterns resulting in beautiful handiwork. Each of our creations is hand-knitted from 100% pure Merino Wool.

Learning about wool and its unique, natural characteristics drew me to design something using this traditional craft to create modern home products. To craft something truly special takes time. Our crafters handpick the most beautiful wool from the mills to make these artisanal works of art. Then back in the workshop, a play on the process of looping yarn into a series of interconnected loops creates the many varied styles of the LUNA LANA®.

Merino Wool is a 100% natural and sustainable resource. Every year a new fleece grows on the sheep and may be removed without harm to the animal. Merino wool is a natural fiber that has the ability to keep you warm when you are cold and cool when it is warm. Providing a superior insulation, merino wool reduces the rate of heat transfer to the environment. This wool does not absorb water, being protected by a waxy coating. Merino Wool has the highest fire resistance in comparison with other textile fibers.

Combine your favourite LUNA LANA® from our extensive selection of colours and styles to create your own creative expression. Adorn it to create a personalised version of your own.