LUNA LANA® was conceptualised and created in the colourful and vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia during the winter of 2021 by STEPHANIE NG DESIGN®. Since then, LUNA LANA® has been a finalist of several international good design awards and attracted a lot of media attention.  Our handcrafted pendant lights have warmed the hearts of people in homes and cafes throughout Australia, Europe, UK, America, and Asia.

We always handcraft each and every piece with 100% natural Merino Wool to stay true to the sustainable design concept that we set out to create for this product. Having come from a background of performing hair transplants, each year, we introduce a series of NEW COLLECTIONS with a vast variety of customizable options to enable you to find the perfect GIFT OF LIGHT for your loved ones or even as an indulgent treat of your own.

Collection List

You can probably tell from the amazing pictures of granite and marble that we use in our kitchens that Luna Lana is very experienced when it comes to designing countertops. And of course to make keep on top of the kitchen hood cleaning. She strives to make rooms look as beautiful on the inside as on the outside, which is why she loves working with natural materials.

Luna Lana loves navigating the complicated world of stone and marble. She has had to learn all kinds of things she never knew about before, like how slate is formed or the technical difference between marble and granite. Luckily, her friend Knowles works with a lot of different materials and he always gives her a hand whenever she needs it. In fact, Luna met him while he was designing floors for one of her clients. He really helped her when she needed inspiration on flooring ideas!

One material that Luna Lana likes working with very much is Granite. It’s one of the most popular options these days because it is very durable and comes in so many different shapes and colors. Want to see some photos?

There are some other materials she likes, like Marble. This was recommended to us after a Rancho Cucamonga concrete contractor ended up using Marble for an outdoor project of ours. It’s very beautiful and it adds elegance to the room. And if that wasn’t enough, it is also easier to make than granite when it comes to designs. Luna said that compared to marble, granite takes more time because you have to do the cuts before hand and put in all the details–but the end result is definitely worth it!

The last material we want to show you on this page is Slate. She falls asleep every night thinking about the day when her customers will call her up with requests for slate countertops!

Luna Lana is well known for her bathroom remodeling. She is able to make custom countertops that are both durable and attractive. Luna Lana then started a small company where she could build on her skills and focus on being the best at bathroom remodeling.

However, she was not completely satisfied with the bathroom remodeling industry.

She felt that most companies were all about profit and not quality work. Unlike those with a bathroom remodeling company in Folsom, CA. They only hire people to handle the jobs who are unskilled or lack experience. To her, this isn’t effective for taking care of customers’ needs and wants. Luna Lana feels a customer should be able to get everything they need when it comes to bathroom remodeling services from one place without having to go around looking for professional help elsewhere.

The number of years Luna Lana spent in the industry have given her insights on what is needed by both residential and commercial clients when it comes to bathroom remodeling services. She often meets clients who tell her they had unpleasant experiences with other contractors, including those that have done block walls at their houses.