Award Winner Announced!

A huge thank you to all who submitted their designs to be considered in the search for the new Luna Lana personality for 2021.   It was a tough decision by our design team and a clear winner has been found!

Congratulations to Kai Bin for his Luna Lana creation of Tropical Forest.

We held an interview with Kai Bin to find out where his winning inspirations came from:

  • Stephanie Ng Design: What was your main inspiration behind creating the winning Luna Lana lighting, Tropical Forest?
  • Kai Bin: Typically, the idea came from the form and shape of a bird nest. But apart from that, my design has always been inspired by what I see around me, mostly nature.
  • Stephanie Ng Design: How do you best describe your own personality? 
  • Kai Bin: I would like to think that I am quite annoying *laughs* I guess I am cheerful yet, also shy at the same time, if that makes sense.
  • Stephanie Ng Design: How do you think the subject Design Technology has helped you in blossoming as a future designer?
  • Kai Bin: It definitely helped me a lot, my teacher Ms Kim Page is very dedicated. We learned important things such as costing, material choices, dimensions and also client briefs. So that definitely helped.
  • Stephanie Ng Design: Do you see yourself being involved in design as a career in the future?
  • Kai Bin: I never really thought about it before, but the Luna Lana competition has helped me boost my confidence and now, I do see myself doing that. I will definitely keep my mind open to the world of design from now on.
  • Stephanie Ng Design: We plan to hold this competition annually to further inspire future designers, how do you feel about that? Would you join again?
  • Kai Bin: Yes! I would surely join again, it was such a wonderful experience for me. It truly changed me and I do believe that so many future young designers will be inspired as much as I do. So yes, please have it annually!

Congratulations to Kai Bin (left), who was awarded the very first Luna Lana Tropical Forest Pendant Light creation for his very own; presented by Belinda (right) from Stephanie Ng Design.



LUNA LANA, whose words mean “moon” and “wool” in Spanish, was inspired by imagining a beanie snugly fitted over a full moon. A play on the process of looping yarn into a series of interconnected loops has created the many varied styles of the LUNA LANA.

Stephanie Ng Design invites all creative talents to rethink the product and interpret a new personality for our much-loved creation.

Company description

Stephanie Ng Design is a multi-award winning industrial design studio from Melbourne and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. They offer a range of lighting solutions for residential and commercial applications, as well as custom design services in home decoration and design, lighting, and furniture. Stephanie believes in adding emotion into her design, in creating products that connect with people and can be customised to individual tastes. She incorporates love and attention to detail into her work and as seen in the Luna Lana range.

What we are looking for:

LUNA LANA has many personalities much like people. Now it’s your turn to create a unique personality for our LUNA LANA range that will translate into a great design.

Our existing featured LUNA LANA include; Adorn (Fairy Tales), Allure (Zip-me-Up, Button-Up, Renaissance, String Crystal, Gold Studded, Diamante, Chains) Kids (Hot Air Balloon, Safari, Bo-Peep), Classic (Classic, Crescent, Cotton, Naked Luna), Me-a-Tutu (Me-a-Tutu, Ruffles), Winter (Snow Globe, Reindeer, Beanie, Santa Hat, Eskimo Hat), Spring (Carnation, Butterfly Lily, Very Berry, Irish Clover), Leaves, Carnivale, Flags, Novelty(Little & Little Miss, Mr & Mrs).

Design: Your design should be presented in a concept design drawing, with as much detail as you can.

Materials: Merino Wool, Cotton strips with any adornments.
Technological sources: Crochet or knitted styles

The selection of the winner will be by Stephanie Ng. It will take into account originality, feasibility and consistency to the brief. The best proposals will grant access to SND’s studio, where your design will be discussed with our qualified and dedicated team for the development of the new LUNA LANA creation.

Stephanie Ng Design will notify the winning designer by email and present the final product of the new creation to the winner free of charge.


Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

Required files for Submission

  • Minimum 1 sketch image and up to 5 in total if a series will support your concept.
  • Recommended dimensions: 960 x 720 pixels; allowed format: .JPEG , PDF, PNG; color mode: RGB;
  • Allowed resolution: 72 to 300 dpi; max file size (for each one) 5 MB.

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